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[Best] Breakup Status For Girls and boys | For Whatsapp and Fb

breakup status for whatsapp and fb

if you are finding some awesome breakup status then this may the right place for you. here i collected the best status related to breakup for boys and girls. If you find this more interesting then don’t miss to share this status with your friends on whatsapp and facebook (Fb).

when you love someone by heart when they leave us is not the right situation. You might feel bad at that time and feeling depressed at that time then the best option to release your depression by sharing some status on WhatsApp and FB which feels you relax. Choose the best breakup status from here and put it into your status. If you like our this collection then don’t forget to bookmark this page and also share with your friend for keeping up to date with this page.

Breakup Status for Whatsapp and Fb

breakup status for whatsapp and fb

I feel so far away from the one I wish to hold in my arms…!

Every relationship starts with He is different, and ends with He is just like the rest.

One day u will want me & tell me sorry, but it’ll be too late.

I will always care for you, even if we are not together and even if we are far, far away from each other.

One Day You will Wait for me But I Will Not Come..

I Wish I Could Give You My Pain So That You Understand How Much You Hurt Me.

Sometimes It’s better to be alone_No one can hurt U…

Remember all those long conversations that lasted for hours? I miss them

बारिश‬ K ‪बाद‬ तार पर ‪टंगी‬ ‪आख़री‬ ‪‎बूंद‬ से पूछना, क्या‬ होता है ‪‎अकेलापन‬

The hardest thing is not talking to someone you used to talk to everyday.

You broke a promise & made me realize. It was all just a lie.

It takes guts to fall in love. But it takes nerve to go back to the one who broke you.

Trusting u again is my decision, Proving me wrong is your choice.

When a relationship fails, its both their fault. One for giving up and walking away, and the other for not stopping them.

खुद Ko माफ़ नहीं कर पाओगे, जिस दिन जिंदगी में हमारी कमी पाओगे..

We dont stop loving someone we simply learn to live without them

Never trust those people who don’t understand yur feelings.

i will forgive you but the way i look at you will never be the same as it used to be

I was born the day I met u, lived a while when u loved me, died a little when we broke.

I hate seeing you because you bring back the feelings I tried so hard to forget.

रोज़ एक नई तकलीफ..रोज़ एक नया गम ना जाने कब ऐलान होगा K मर गए हम

It sucks when you are ignored by the one person whose attention means the world to you.

When I close my eyes I see U_when I open my eyes I miss U.

You know you have experienced true love when you have lost it.

A breakup is like a broken mirror, its better to give up then to hurt yourself trying to fix it again,,

Saying that you are okay is so much easier rather than explaining all the reasons why you are not.

Sad Breakup Status


Pain is the only thing that’s telling me I’m still alive.

Apologies dont fix broken hearts.

No matter how much u have hurt me, I still pray for you every night.

Lies dont end relationships, The truth does.

True love isn’t found. It’s built.

If a girl has a wall up its because it was built. Brick by brick, lie after lie, heartbreak after heartbreak.

It’s easy to cry when u realize that everyone you love will reject you or die.

HOPE = Hold On Pain Ends.

My weakness is that I care too much.

Sorry For Caring, Sorry For Trying, But Most Of All, I am Sorry I Let You In.

Did I change or did u just stop loving me.

We used to talk everyday, now its like we dont even know each other.

It’s hard to forget someone who gave u so much to remember.

The worst feeling is not being lonely. Its being forgotten by someone you would never forget.

I feel like everything I do is wrong.

Its better to break your own heart by leaving, rather than having that person break your heart every day you are with them.

just hope that U miss me a little when I am gone…

The heart was made to be broken.

No more wasting your time thinking about me…

I am too bright to shine_ in your dull World…!

breakup status for girls

here I collected some awesome breakup status for boyfriend or girls check this now and find the best one. Share some status to WhatsApp and check these all status for finding the best one.

I wish you could go back to how we use to be, I miss that.

The truth hurts for a little while, but lies hurt for a lifetime.

Letting go doesn’t mean giving up. it means moving on.

I’m Waiting For Your Messages

I wish you could go back to how we use to be, I miss that.

It’s sad to be happy alone.

Letting go doesn’t mean giving up. it means moving on.

When u feel lonely, Music is Ur only Friend.

Breakups hurt but losing someone who doesn’t respect and appreciates you is actually again, not a loss.

It’s so lonely when you don’t even know yourself.

Just because a relationship ends, doesn’t mean two people stopped loving each other. sometimes, they just stopped hurting each other.

Like Being Single..I’m Always there When I Need Me..

You see a Person’s true colors when you are no longer beneficial to their life.

Like Being Single..I’m Always there When I Need Me..

breakup status for boys

One day you will want me & tell me, sorry, but it’ll be too late.

The truth is: I can’t hate you, even if I try.

One Day You will Wait for me But I Will Not Come.

Why am I so afraid to lose YOU,when You are not even MINE.

There comes a time when walking away is the best for everyone.

Never give up on someone who means so much to you.

You broke a promise & made me realize. It was all just a lie.

i am mature enough to forgive you, but i am not dumb enough to trust you again.

The heart was made to be broken.

Some guys just dont realize how much one little thing can hurt a girl.

Never trust those people who don’t understand your feelings.

We are not as close as we used to be, but i am here for you if you need me.

No girl should ever forget that she doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.

And sometimes you just have to forget about that person you once loved and move on.

Love is the beautiful mistake of my life.

I think about us a lot , even when us Does not exist.

Hope is the power that gives a person the confidence to step out and try.

I act like I don’t care, but inside, I care more than you can ever think.

Eyes with dust and a heart with trust always cry…

Sometimes all you have to do is forget what you feel and remember what you deserve.

Sometimes breakups aren’t meant for makeups, sometimes they are meant for wake-ups.

A broken friendship can be a comma or a full stop. You choose.

I want someone to be afraid of losing me.

If you left me without a REASON, Do not come back with an Excuse


hope here you find all your need breakup status for boys and girls which may helpful for putting the status on WhatsApp and Facebook. here we take time for research some status for you and provided the best ever collection of breakup status which makes easy for you to find. Thanks for your appreciation and share these statuses with your friends and colleagues for spreading the joy!

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